Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) encompasses more than just Acupuncture. It is a comprehensive medical system that has existed for well over 2000 years. Diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment are all part of this approach, and include tongue and pulse diagnosis, meridian palpation, and abdominal examination. All of this creates an in depth approach to knowing you as an individual, your unique tendencies for imbalance, and how to ward off disease before it occurs.



Acupuncture has been the primary form of healthcare throughout East Asia for over 2000 years. Through use of hair-thin, sterile needles, the body's immune system is activated to initiate the self-healing function, and restore health in a manner that is deeply relaxing. In fact, many patients take a nap or fall into a meditative state during their treatment.

The World Health Organization Lists the following conditions as clinically proven to be effectively treated by Acupuncture:


2 Minute Intro to Acupuncture


Herbal Formulary

Herbs are different from pharmaceuticals in that medications typically use one or two isolated compounds to initiate their effect. Herbal formulas contain hundreds of active constituents, which not only reduces the risk of side effects, but allows for interaction on multiple systems of the body: nervous, digestive, immune, and musculature. This creates a gentle, lasting, and effective shift back to balance.

Sourced exclusively from the highest quality, GMP certified manufacturers, these herbs are available in capsule, granule, and tincture forms, to provide you with the most convenient and potent dose. Formulas are written after careful analysis of your prescription medications and diagnosis, and greatly enhance the speed of recovery.

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Nutritional Therapy

Sometimes the foods we crave are just what we need; however we often crave foods that are allergens. This is because eating something harmful causes our bodies to produce endorphins, the “feel good hormone,” to compensate for the inflammation these foods trigger.

Using a systematic approach, we will discuss your dietary background, and discover what triggers are creating low energy, irregular digestive patterns, and even chronic pain. Proper nutrition does more than maintain healthy weight, it is an essential foundation to good health.